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      Sower is currently providing comprehensive equipment and technology solutions for fine chemicals manufacturers


      Pay  attention to the latest trends of the enterprise and grasp the industry development trend

      13 2020-07
      Forge ahead, sower enterprises fully resume work
      24 2018-10
      Sower has successfully signed a large resin project
      Shanghai Sower chemical engineering design institute is a professional and excellent general contractor of EPC. After years of accumulation and development, our company has become an enterprise w
      24 2018-10
      Sower established a pesticide production line for a key pesticide production enterprise in shanxi
      At the beginning of August 2012, Sower began to cooperate with a pesticide company in shanxi. The EPC project invested about 100 million yuan in establishing a pesticide production line with an annual
      24 2018-10
      Sower undertakes multinational large - scale construction coating EPC project
      In February 2014, Sower signed the EPC general contract project of building coating with annual output of 20,000 tons with a Russian group. Construction began in March this year and will be complete
      The solution
      Mainly for fine chemical production enterprises to provide comprehensive equipment
      Technical solutions

      About us

      Fine chemical manufacturing enterprises to provide comprehensive equipment and technical solutions

      Sower Enterprise was founded in 2001. The early Sower enterprises focused on research and development, production and manufacturing of coating equipment. The enterprise invests a lot of money to carry on the new product research and development, obtains a number of invention patents. Since then, Sower Enterprises has expanded its business as it grows. After ten years of development, the SOWER enterprise mainly for the fine chemical production enterprise of the equipment and technology to provide comprehensive solutions, with the continuous development of the company......


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      Add.:2110 Unicom International Building, 547 Tianmu West Road, Jing 'an District, Shanghai
      Tel:+86 21 6317 1155
      Fax:+86 21 6317 8868


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