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      Manufacturing base
      Sower Asia Production Base

      Production Base


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      Sower Asia Production Base


      Sower Asia Production Base

      Sower Asia's production base covers an area of 300,000 square meters, with a registered capital of 15 million yuan and a total investment of nearly 200 million yuan. It is a strong manufacturing platform that Sower Group strives to build, providing powerful equipment for Sower Group and Shanghai Suowei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (Suowei Chemical Design Institute) and undertaking domestic and foreign fine chemical assembly equipment and EPC general contracting projects. Manufacturing support.


      Various patent certificates

      The Sower Asia production facility has a pressure vessel manufacturing license for the manufacture of large pressure vessels, mixers, reactors and other process equipment. Anhui Sowe has obtained 24 patents in new product research and development, including 2 invention patents, 19 utility model patents and 3 design patents. At the same time, Sofia Asia Production Base Technology R&D Center has been recognized as the third batch of enterprise technology center in the city. It has won the second prize of Anqing Science and Technology Award, Anqing Science and Technology Third Prize, Anqing City Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise Technology Innovation Award, Top Ten Management Industry Industrial enterprises and other honorary titles. In October 2013, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Provincial Science and Technology Department.


      Manufacturing process capability

      Sower Asia production base has large lifting equipment, automatic wire cutting machine, CNC lathe, automatic welding machine, large-scale shearing, folding, coiling machine tools and other large-scale processing equipment and various advanced testing instruments such as non-destructive testing room, etc. It can provide manufacturing services such as dispersion, grinding, stirring, emulsification, etc., and has the ability to manufacture large containers and reactors. At present, the complete equipment of Sower is mainly manufactured by Anhui factory.


      01/Workshop introduction

      Workshop No. 1 is: electrician, metalworking, assembly, warehouse, woodworking packaging. The assembly group includes: automatic feed drilling machine, high speed drilling machine, profile cutting machine, radial drilling machine, cylindrical grinding machine and so on. The metalworking group includes: EDM CNC cutting machine tools, bench grinders, lathes, milling machines, etc. Workshop No. 2 is: cold work, blanking, polishing. Cold working group: symmetrical up-regulating three-roll bending machine, inverter pulse, DC argon arc welding machine, coiling machine, cantilever crane, self-tuning roller frame. Cutting group: plasma cutting machine hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic gate shearing machine. Polishing group: Mobile polishing machine Head polishing machine, tank polishing machine. Workshop No. 6: electric welding, paint, electric welding, electric welding rod oven, electric welding machine, inverter air plasma welding machine AC arc welding machine, submerged arc welding and cutting machine, beveling machine, micro air compressor, etc

      02/Assembly workshop

      Can be used for complete assembly and pre-launch trial operation of large EPC or fine chemical production lines


      03/Inspection room

      X-ray flaw detector, industrial constant temperature processor, film dryer, eye protection super strong light. Black and white density meter, personal ray meter, etc.


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