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      Flavors and production



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      Flavors and production

      Flavors and production

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      Flavor is a substance which can be smelled fragrance or tasted fragrance and is a raw material of fragrance preparation. Flavor fine chemicals mainly include natural fragrance, synthetic fragrance and isolate perfume. Its category can be simply listed as below:

      Animal and plant natural flavor

      Isolate and synthetic flavor

      Fragrance is also called reconciled flavor, and it is an artificial mixture of blending of more than two flavors. By its usage, simple list as below

        Edible fragrance

        Food fragrance

        Tobacco fragrance

        Wine fragrance

        Pharmacy fragrance

        Daily use fragrance

        Washing: detergent, soap, tooth paste fragrance (water soluble)

        Cleaning: oil soluble  

        Hygiene: oil and water soluble

        Soap: emulsion

        For make up: cosmetics, fragrance for perfume use (most powder)


      other fragrance

      It is used in plastics, rubber, leather, paper, ink, deodorant, perfume, fodder, insects attractant.

      Perfume is prepared well by special alcohol at certain percentage. According to fragrance amount, it can divide into fragrance, perfume, mild perfume and floral water. According to use, it can divide into man fragrance, woman fragrance, mild fragrance and children perfume.


      Flavor whether welcomed by users, which is related to fragrance. Its development not only brings synthetic fragrance and natural fragrance developed, at the same time it accelerates each fragrance product developing. Of course development of new category of synthetic flavor and natural flavor also accelerates design of new fragrance, while development of product with fragrance also provides a broader market for fragrance. Actually fragrance is flagship of flavor industry.


      1. Fragrance composition

      Fragrance at least consists of several flavor raw material, even dozens of natural and synthetic flavor, or organic compounds.

      2. Fragrance volatility

      Whether fragrance can play good role in fragrance product, the key point is fragrance volatility control, how to control balance and coordination of head fragrance, body fragrance and bottom fragrance.

      3.Fragrance type-ordor type

      Fragrance type is named by its ordor.

      Application in fragrance food industry: add fragrance in No fragrance food, rectify not good smell in food, also it can supplement insufficient fragrance, stabilizing and assisting fixed fragrance in food. Food fragrance application is wide. Cold drinks application approx. accounts 51% of fragrance food, baked candy application accounts 25%, condiment accounts 17%, other applications accounts for 7%, such as by utilizing mircrocapsule technology to prepare fragrance, with stable fragrance, and not easy volatizing.


      Application in tobacco and wine industry: you can select fragrance according to tobacco and wine products type, flavor, analyzing its own defects, according to different circumstances, to improve tobacco and wine taste and aftertaste, reduce irritation, soften and refine smell, increase fragrance, cover up miscellaneous smell, and also improve tobacco physical property, such as moisture protection and combustibility etc.


      Application in daily chemical industry: used in making perfume, cosmetics, soap, shampoo, detergent, tooth paste, detergent powder, cream etc.


      Application in pharmacy hygiene industry: it has cure effect if fragrance added in medicine. If as main component of incense therapy, fragrance emitted can directly affect internal organs function, change running status of Qi and blood to achieve illness prevention, heath care, boosting spirit. Additionally it can be used in sterilizing, insects prevention, mildew prevention and avoid smell.


      Sower concentrates on complete plant output, design, general contract and sub contract for production line, parts and equipment outsourcing service, construction, project consultant service for various kinds of flavor, fragrance industry.

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