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      Xiangsu production

      Xiangsu production

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      Additives range is extreme wide and can divide into many categories, such as plastic, rubber etc synthetic material which needs its own additives. During processing course of plastics and rubber, additives is a must material, which not only improves polymer processing performance, affects processing conditions, improves processing efficiency, also it can improve product performance and increase value and life.


      From chemical structure of additives, there are inorganic and organic additives, single compound and mixture, as well as monomer and polymer.


      Rubber additives, refers to various additives in generic terms, which can improve rubber preparation processing and usage performance, or reduce cost.


      Main category

      1. Rubber vulcanized additives include vulcanizing agent (cross linking agent), accelerant, activator and scorch retarder etc.

      2.Rubber protective additives, includes antiozonant, flexible crack resistant agent, light stabilizer, ultraviolet light absorber, copper inhibitor, physical antioxidant, anti-termite agent, mildew preventive agent etc.

      3.Rubber reinforcing agent includes carbon black, white carbon black, metallic oxide, inorganic salt, resin etc.

      4.Rubber bonder additives include a HRH system and cobalt salt system bonder and adhesives.

      5.Processing operation additives include peptizer, solubilizer, softener, homogenizing agent, dispersing agent, thickening agent, parting agent, and mold releasing agent.

      6.Special additives include color agent, foaming agent, defoaming agent, thickening agent, creaming agent, moisture agent, emulsifying agent, stabilizer agent, coagulator agent, heat sensitizing agent, anti-webbing agent, mildew prevention agent, preservative agent, fame retarder agent, antistatic agent and aromatic agent etc.


      Sower concentrates on complete plant output, design, general contract and sub contract for production line, parts and equipment outsourcing service, construction, project consultant service for various kinds of rubber additives and other various kinds of raw material.

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