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      Oil paint equipment



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      Oil paint equipment

      Oil paint equipment

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      一、Oil paint brief

      Oil paint is a substance firm coated on object surface, for purpose of protection, decoration and other special use chemical coating mixture.



      1.By position, it can divide into wall paint, wood paint, metallic paint. Wall paint includes outer wall paint, internal wall paint, top surface paint, mainly latex paint; wood paint includes nitro-lacquer paint, polyurethane paint etc; metallic paint is enamel paint.

      2.By form, it can divide into water based paint, solvent paint. Latex paint is mainly water based paint, while nitrate lacquer paint, polyurethane paint are solvent based paint.

      3.By function, it can divide into water proof paint, fire proof paint, mildew resistant paint, anti-mosquito paint etc.

      4.By usage, it can divide into volatile paint and non-violating paint.

      5.By surface effect, it can divide into transparent paint, semi-transparent, and opaque paint.


      Sower provides equipment design and manufacture of production line for water based paint, asphalt paint, latex paint, water proof paint, fire proof paint and anti-rust paint etc.


      三、Process and equipment for oil paint

      1.Process flow chart for water based paint

      2. Main equipment concerned

      1.Paint disperser, can achieve pre-dispersing, mixing, high speed dispersing, coatings mixing, color mixing, and it is with good suitability for high viscous and thixotropic material, especially for mass production. Paint mixer can crash, disperse, homogenize, blend and through toothed disc up and down high speed rotating, it realizes function of high speed violent crashing, hit, shearing, dispersing to quickly blend, dissolve, disperse and refine. It is a high efficient equipment for solid-liquid mixing, dispersing, dissolving.

      2.Basket mill, is wet grinding equipment. It is applied in coatings, ink, pigment, color paste, cosmetics, pesticides, medicine etc fields which requires high fineness. It already changed traditional production process, combining dispersing and grinding process in one machine, which reduces process course and no need pump and valves, improves production efficiency and reduces material waste.

      3.Paint mixer, one machine with leaf agitator on the shaft rotating inside round shell or slot, mixing several raw material to form mixture and suitable viscous product. It is widely used in coatings, ink, pigment and binder etc chemical products.

      4.Horizontal mill, a high efficient wet supper fineness grinding machine in coatings, dyes, paint, ink, medicine, photographic film, pesticides, paper making and cosmetics etc non metallic mineral filed. By structure, horizontal mill can divide into pin rod type, disc type and double cone type.

      5.For paint reacting vessel, agitators can be paddle, frame, anchor etc, normally it is low speed mixing. It can heat, customize pressured.

      6.Paint filling machine, is mainly for a small fractional product. By production automation, it can divide into semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machine production line. By material filled, it can divide into Ex-proof filling machine and common type filling machine.


      All kinds of ink production line design and manufacturing such as water-based ink, UV ink, screen printing ink, print ink, seiko ink and offset printing ink are within our business range. We also provide whole plant construction services.

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