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      Pesticides production equipment



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      Pesticides production equipment

      Pesticides production equipment

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      Pesticides---for preventing illness which harmful insects, herbs, rats bring to, for adjusting and controlling plants growth.



      1.By chemical structure, it can divide into organic phosphoric, organic chlorine, pyrethroids.

      2.By usage: it can divide into insecticides, bactericides, acaricides, raticide, herbicide, special agent and conditioning agent for plant growth.

      3.By source, it can divide into mineral pesticide, botanic pesticides, organic pesticides, microbiology pesticides.

      4.By usage, insecticides can divide into touch out, stomach toxicity, fumigation and systematic.

      5.Chemical synthetic pesticides and biology pesticides


      Dosage form of pesticides


      2.wet powder

      3.soluble powder (aqueous solvent)

      4.emulsion (cream)

      5.ultra low volume preparations (oiling agent)

      6.granules agent and fine granule agent

      7.sustained release agent



      Sower provides production equipment and EPC general contract for insecticides, bactericide, herbicides etc various kinds of raw material, powder agent, granules agent, aqueous solution and micro emulsion.


      Process flow chart

      Wet powder pesticides production

      1.diagram of process flow chart

      The quality of wet powder pesticides, specially for fineness and suspension index, not only relates to formation, also it is restricted by process equipment. Process and equipment itself also is different according to different pesticides category, hence it must choose suitable processing according to physical and chemical features of pesticides. Sower has many years of rich experience for equipment and process, which can provide equipment as well as technical solution. By form of pesticides and agents, process flow chart can divide into 3 parts:

      (2) Flow chart for liquid pesticides and solid additives.

      (4)For special pesticides flow chart, analyze according to specific issue, choose special process flow chart. 

      Process flow chart provide by Sower for a pesticides company


      2.Main equipment

      Man equipment for wet powder pesticides

      (1)Blender, normally it adopts conic blender or double screw blender, which are widely used in pesticides, chemical powder and powder-liquid blending.

      (2)Powder transfer equipment: it has powder pneumatic transfer, screw transfer.

      (3)Airflow crasher, controlling by airflow, which determines its wide applicable range, finished product with high fineness, applicable in flammable, explosive, oxidized etc material crashing grade processing.

      (4)Packing machine, refers to a machine achieving all products or fractional products packing. It includes filling, wrapping, sealing etc relative process. 


      Cream pesticides production

      1. process flow chart

      Cream is according to a certain formulation, with raw pesticides dissolving into organic solvents, again adding additives, by mixing to dissolve, to form single phase transparent liquid.

      Factors controlling quality of cream: process flow chart, PH value, emulsification, dispersing, content standard and transparency etc.

      Compound process flow chart provided by Sower for a pesticides company


      2.Main equipment

      main equipment for pesticides suspension agent

      (1)Storage: stainless steel or carbon steel tank, mainly for storing raw pesticides and additives etc.

      (2)Powder pneumatically conveying equipment is transferring by high pressure, through pressure generator to transmit compressed air to material, by overcoming various resistance to transfer material from one end to the other end.

      (3)Disperser is widely used in medicine, chemicals dispersing, mixing for adhesive chemical products.

      (4)Sand mill, namely bead mill is mainly used in wet grinding for chemical liquid. By usage, it can divide into vertical, horizontal bead mill, basket mill, and pin rod bead mill.

      (5)Emulsion vessel refers to intermittently high shearing, dispersing homogenizer, through rotor high speed and stable rotating to form high frequency, violent circle tangent periphery speed, angular velocity etc comprehensive kinetic energy.

      (6)Mixing vessel: for mixing pesticides, according to different process, additives etc. Through structure design and configuration, it realizes heating, vaporing, cooling and low speed and high speed blending etc function. 


      Granules agent pesticides

      1. Process flow chart for granules agent

      2.Process equipment for pesticides soluble granules

      (1)Pneumatic conveying unit: by utilizing compressed air through vacuum generator to form high vacuum for material conveying. No need machinery vacuum pump, it has features of simple structure, small volume, maintenance free, low noise, convenient control, removing material static and conforming to GMP etc advantage.

      (2)Blender, normally it adopts conic blender or double screw blender, which is widely used in pesticides, chemical powder and powder-liquid blending.

      (3)Granule making machine, a machine can transform material into certain shape, which is widely used in chemicals and medicine etc.

      (4)Conveyor can convey horizontally or inclined, with big conveying capacity, long transfer distance, also it can complete several process operations at same time during conveying course.

      (5) Automatic packing machine normally divide into semi-automatic and fully automatic type.

      We provide customers with full EPC delivery, design service, turnkey production line, construction, project management consultancy, for various coating(paint) related products such as water paint, asphalt paint, latex paint, waterproof paint, fireproof paint and rustproof paint etc.

      Process flow chart for granules agent pesticides

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