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      Coatings production equipment



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      Coatings production equipment

      Coatings production equipment

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      Coatings, refers to liquid or solid substance which can be coated on subject surface under certain condition to form film, for purpose of protecting, decoration or having other special function (such as insulation, anti-rust, mildew proof, heat resisting.


      二、Coatings category

      1.By form, it can divide into water based coatings, solvent based coatings, powder coatings, high solid coatings etc.

      2.By construction method, it can divide into brushing coatings, spraying coatings, rolling brush coatings, dipped coatings, electrophoretic coatings etc.

      3.By construction sequence, it can divide into primer coatings, intermediate coatings, surface coatings and finishing coatings etc.

      4.By function, it can divide into non adhesive coatings, Teflon coatings, decoration coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, conductive coatings, anti-rust coatings, high temperature resistance coatings, temperature indicating coatings, heat insulation coatings, fire proof coatings, water proof coatings etc.

      5.By usage, it can divide into buildings coatings, tin coatings, automobile coatings, aircraft coatings, home electric appliance coatings, wood coatings, bridge coatings, plastic coatings and paper coatings etc.

      6.Home coatings can divide into internal wall coatings, wood coatings, metallic coatings and floor coatings.

      7.By coatings film performance, it can divide into anti corrosive coatings, insulation coatings, conductive coatings and heat resistant coatings etc.

      8.By film material, it can divide into alkyd, epoxy, chlorinated rubber, acrylic acid, polyurethane etc.Sower owns many patents in the coatings filed. We can provide equipment design and manufacture of coatings production line for water based coatings, solvent based coatings, acrylic coatings, chlorinated rubber coatings, vinyl coatings and alkyd coatings tec.


      三、Coatings production process and equipment

      Water based coatings production (latex coatings)

      1.Process flow chart of complete production equipment for water based latex coatingsProduction process flow chart of latex coatings (SOWER)      


      Coatings complete production line with 8 systems:

      Powder and liquid charging system

      Paste making system

      Mixing, discharging and filtering system

      Filling system

      Cooling system

      Piping system

      Electric control system

      Operation platform


      Features of Sower fully automatic coatings complete equipment: high efficiency, high intelligent, super fineness, outstanding function. It can be applied in big scale production from annual output 1000 ton to 100000 tons; it can provide different configuration based on different process and output; the equipment can independently achieve material charging, dispersing, grinding, cooling, mixing, filtering and semi-automatic filling etc whole course. It is with high automation, secured, economical and environment friendly.


      2.Main equipment

      1.Powder, liquid matching system: with powder pneumatic transfer, screw transfer, liquid transfer system.

      2.Coatings disperser can achieve pre-dispersing, mixing, high speed dispersing, coatings mixing, color mixing, and it is with good suitability for high viscous and thixotropic material, especially for mass production.

      3.Basket mill, is a wet grinding equipment. It is applied in coatings, ink, pigment, color paste, cosmetics, pesticides, medicine etc fields which require high fineness. It already changed traditional production process, combining dispersing and grinding process in one machine, which reduces process course and no need pump and valves, improves production efficiency and reduces material waste.

      4.Coatings mixer, one machine with leaf agitator on the shaft rotating inside round shell or slot, mixing several raw material to form mixture and suitable viscous product. It is widely used in coatings, ink, pigment and binder etc chemical products.

      5.For coatings mixing vessel, agitator types can be paddle, frame, anchor etc. Normally it is low speed mixing.

      6.Coatings filling machine, is mainly for a small fractional product. By production automation degree, it can divide into semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machine production line. By material filled, it can divide into Ex-proof filling machine and common type filling machine.


      3.Process flow chart of single equipment for water based coatings

      Traditional equipment consists of disperser, horizontal bead mill and mixer. To achieve fineness required, it needs several circulating grinding after dispersing well. For this process, the equipment chosen is single, with less investment and applicable for small batch production.

      Sower possesses several patents and master core technologies, to design and manufacture for customers all kinds of paint production lines such as water paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, chlorinated rubber paint, vinyl paint and alkyd paint.

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