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      Several coating plant construction projects of Shanghai Sower are nearing completion

      In October, several coating plant projects entered the intense installation and commissioning stage, and some projects were close to completion. In order to ensure the construction quality, progress and safety, Sower staff overcome various problems on the site. At the site, the project manager is responsible for each construction link, comprehensively sort out the daily work content, supervise the construction operation, and implement it in strict accordance with the construction schedule, so as to ensure that the construction of the whole project is controllable, under control and excellent quality control. A project with an annual output of 200000 tons in Zhejiang has invested tens of millions. The construction began in July this year. At present, it has entered the later stage of pipeline installation. ? At present, all the equipment of an industrial coating project with an annual output of 100000 tons in Zhejiang has entered the installation stage. In order to ensure the effective construction on site, the workers work overtime to catch up with the schedule and effectively control the site. ? A special coating factory in Shandong, which is a large coating company integrating scientific research, production and sales, has high requirements for the project. Shanghai Sower has provided EPC services such as factory design, equipment manufacturing, commissioning and installation for its company. In order to realize the project with higher quality, it adopts Siemens motor, sew reducer, Siemens PLC system and Swiss Toledo metering system. The production line has a high degree of automation, and the whole process from feeding to production is controlled by computer. When the product is put into production, the whole process only needs 4-5 workers to operate, which greatly saves the labor cost for the owner and improves the production efficiency and product quality. ? The above customers have comprehensively inspected a number of equipment suppliers around the world and visited the EPC project site completed and put into operation by Shanghai Sower. With professional chemical engineering design experience, years of equipment manufacturing and supply experience in the industry and a large number of engineering practice experience, Shanghai Sower Chemical Design Institute has successfully won the trust of customers and won the bid. As a professional fine chemical engineering equipment general contracting company, Shanghai Sower has rich EPC project contracting experience, and has its own chemical design institute and professional design team. Compared with ordinary equipment manufacturers, Shanghai Sower can carry out integrated design and optimization of process system according to customers' requirements, carry out supporting public works and civil engineering design, provide customers with scheme, design and optimization suggestions of the whole project, reduce customers' management interface in design, save design time and cost and avoid design defects.Shanghai Sower has been engaged in international business for more than ten years, with users in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. It has accumulated rich EPC experience and has been recognized by owners at home and abroad.
      27 2021/10

      The lubricating oil project in charge of sower was put into operation smoothly

      13 2020/07

      Another project of sower group has been successfully delivered and put into operation recently -- optical membrane resin project

      13 2020/07

      Forge ahead, sower enterprises fully resume work

      13 2020/07

      Shanghai sower successfully delivered a polyurethane multi-functional pry block device to a listed company in China

      On the morning of February 4, 2013, a long transport fleet was set up in the factory of the Asian production base of solway group, marking a successful breakthrough in the pry block problem
      24 2018/10

      Sower supplies laboratory equipment to ge (Shanghai) r&d center

      Since the introduction of the new type of grinding and testing equipment, sowe has been widely favored by both domestic and foreign customers. Since 2013, more than 200 laboratory equipment
      24 2018/10

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