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      New hydraulic lift basket mill with cover
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      New hydraulic lift basket mill with cover

      1. The machine is suitable for pilot test and industrial production; 2. Adopt hydraulic lifting mode, stable and convenient; Strong and durable construction;
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      Sower basket mill integrates the functions of dispersion and grinding in one process. It adopts the principle of self-priming impeller to absorb materials, fine grinding in the basket grinding chamber, and dispersion, mixing and circulation effects under the action of high-speed dispersion plate. For coating, pesticide, ink and other industries with fineness requirements it has a very good grinding effect. At the same time, cleaning fluid is very convenient, less residue, economic and practical.

      1. It is suitable for pilot and industrial production;

      2. Hydraulic lifting mode is adopted, which is stable and convenient; The structure is firm and durable;

      3. It integrates dispersion and grinding. Dispersion and fine grinding are completed by one machine and one container at same time;

      4. High efficiency, economical and practical, good grinding fineness, high yield, less residue, easy to clean and change colors;

      5. Equipped with imported frequency converter, stepless speed regulation;

      6. According to the special needs of users, non-standard design can be carried out, such as explosion-proof and sealing configuration can be customized, belt, hand, pneumatic clamping mode can be selected, etc;

      7. CE and ISO9001 certification;

      model power(KW) speedrpm tripmm processingL Dispersed disk diametermm Hydraulic station powerKW
      SMA -4 4 0-1440 600 40~80 2.5 0.75
      SMA-5.5 5.5 0-1440 800 50~100 3 0.75
      SMA-7.5 7.5 0-1440 800 60~150 3.6 0.75
      SMA -11 11 0-1440 800 80~200 4.6 0.75
      SMA -15 15 0-1440 800 100~300 7 0.75
      SMA-18.5 18.5 0-1440 1100 150~500 15 1.1
      SMA -22 22 0-1440 1100 200~800 18 1.1
      SMA -30 30 0-1440 1100 250~1000 25 1.1
      SMA -37 37 0-1440 1100 300~1200 32 1.5
      SMA-45 45 0-1200 1200 400~1500 40 1.5
      SMA -55 55 0-1200 1200 500~2000 50 1.5

      The basket-type lapping machine is realized in one process with the function of dispersing and grinding. It adopts the self-absorbing impeller to suck the material, which is finely ground in the basket-grinding chamber, and produces the principle of dispersing, mixing and circulating effect under the action of high-speed dispersing disk. Have very good grinding effect to paint, pesticide, printing ink and so on fineness requirement is very high, in the meantime, clear fluid is very convenient, remain little, economy is practical.

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