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      Project integration advantages



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      Project integration advantages
      Project integration advantages
      Project integration advantages
      SOWER has grade b design qualification and pressure vessel and pipeline design qualification issued by the state, which can provide the following engineering design services to customers in fine chemi
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      SOWER has grade b design qualification and pressure vessel and pipeline design qualification issued by the state, which can provide the following engineering design services to customers in fine chemical industry:

      - process package selection and optimization

      - product pilot/pilot test and production optimization

      - site selection and site planning

      - project safety and environment consultation

      - project proposal/feasibility study report

      - process technology optimization and design

      - technical design and optimization of complete equipment

      - preliminary design of the whole plant

      - detailed design of the whole plant

      As a professional engineering company grown up by equipment manufacturer, compared with general design unit and equipment manufacturing unit, sauvage has the following advantages in engineering design:

      - thanks to more than ten years' rich project experience in designing, manufacturing, providing complete sets of equipment and undertaking general contract for customers in fine chemical industry, sauve's experience and capability in process flow and process equipment is more profound and profound than that of general design units. We can directly communicate with customers in the process flow and core equipment in an in-depth, efficient and rapid way, and streamline the design thinking, optimize the process flow and equipment layout, speed up the design progress and avoid the repeated and repeated work of the design process.

      - years of experience in general contracting and the concept of customer consideration, so that the design process of sauve company in the details of more, more thoughtful, more convenient for the operation and maintenance of the factory after the project is completed.

      - years of experience in equipment manufacturing and supply makes sorwin more professional in equipment selection in design, and provides owners with more cost-effective equipment and material selection Suggestions and opinions, making equipment selection more reasonable and thoughtful in terms of safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

      - a large amount of engineering practice experience, especially the project experience of undertaking the EPC general contract, enables sauve company to have the awareness and ability to design and optimize according to the requirements of customers and its own experience, and try its best to save the actual economic cost and time cost for the owner.

      - chasowa company team of designers and design managers from other chemical engineering design institute, so chasowa company has a good background of chemical engineering design experience, - and have been successful for multiple clients, including yantai wanhua, fine chemical industry project engineering design and EPC services, achieved good results.

      - compared with general equipment manufacturing unit, chasowa can process system integration design and optimization according to customer requirements, to form a complete set of utility and civil engineering design, bring - for the whole project for the customer the proposal, design and optimization, reduce the customer in the aspect of design management interface, save design time and cost to avoid defects.

      The company can carry out traditional 2d and 3d design according to the requirements of customers



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